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Use AI To Improve Customer Satisfaction and Drive Customer Retention

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Do you know what is driving customer satisfaction?

Unleash a new way of understanding qualitative feedback that will enable you to improve customer satisfaction and reduce contact rates

Twyg automatically identifies and reports the key drivers of customer satisfaction and reasons for contact directly from your Zendesk Support tickets. Twyg is powered by OpenAI’s advanced AI system GPT-4 and requires minimal setup time and effort.

Say goodbye to manual analysis and tagging. Shift time and focus to grow your business, improve customer satisfaction and take action to increase retention.

Teams that use Twyg:

  • Spend 5 min per week to understand their customers' main problems

  • Save hours of manual work each week

  • Discover 80+% more insights compared to manual analysis

  • Shift from proactive to reactive customer service


  • Top feedback trends and patterns summarized in natural language

  • Identify specifics, such as bugs, feature requests and questions

  • Powerful semantic search to quickly find and filter feedback

  • Free to try, no setup time

With a simple 1-click install, your entire team can access the insights from your Zendesk conversations.

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About Twyg:

We help customers analyze feedback from more than half a million users globally, in up to 25+ languages. Twyg uses powerful AI-models to automatically scan and extract relevant insights from your customer conversations. Twyg is free to try and built to be affordable for any team.

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