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Deliver personalized customer service experiences over calls, chat, and messages

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Contacto's omnichannel capabilities mean you can access a multitude of channels — voice calling, SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, web chat, and in-app chat — without ever leaving Zendesk. Contacto's connection with Zendesk means that customer identities are linked with their conversations and transaction history, enabling the most personalized service.

The seamless connection between Contacto and Zendesk drives agent productivity, reducing manual tasks and enabling more personalization of every interaction. Two-way data sync means both applications are always up to date with the latest information about your customers.

Global Voice Calling: Receive phone calls with phone numbers in over 50 countries and make calls to 190 countries with powerful contact center features like ACD, IVR, Call transfer, Call Recording, Call Monitoring etc.

Unified agent desktop: Agents get a 360-degree view of the customer and can access all communications channels right from within Zendesk. Engage in concurrent conversations, see the full conversation timeline of each interacting customer, and take notes/assign dispositions to be synced automatically with Zendesk.

Reporting and analytics: Measure what matters to your customers and your business. Track and contextualize customer sentiment over time, as well as other contact center metrics for a holistic view of agent and team performance. Access live activity dashboards and historical reports.

Monitoring and coaching: Customize the metrics that are most important to you — then exceed your KPIs with added transparency into performance. Call recording and call whispering give leaders a tangible way to understand individual performance and provide coaching and feedback.

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