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Export, duplicate & translate articles. Fix broken links. Find and Replace.

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The easiest way to manage your Help Center content

  • Audit your articles in an Excel-like table automatically synced to your Zendesk account

  • Export articles to CSV, HTML, Word or PDF (images included)

  • Automatic link checker

  • Bulk operations

Find and Replace in Text and HTML

  • Replace outdated terminology in just a few clicks.

  • Replace in HTML properties such as links, CSS classes and CSS style.

  • Find and replace words or phrases across the entire help center, or just a subset of articles

Automatically Translate your Zendesk Guide Articles

  • Localize your Help Center with automated machine translation using OpenAI GPT4

  • Ensure your unique formatting remains consistent across translations. Keep your design, links and images intact in every language.

  • Review translations in Zendesk before they go live to ensure accuracy and quality.

  • Customise the ChatGPT prompt to make sure your translations align perfectly with your brand's style, language, and any special terms you may use.

Bulk copy articles between sections, categories, or brands

  • Create duplicates of articles, categories, sections or entire help centers

  • Deep copy of each article, including all translations, attachments and images

Manage Help Center's links and images

  • Find and fix broken links, images and videos

  • Search links by URL or title

  • Search images by file name or alt text

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