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Ortto is the unified customer journey platform for online business. Ortto empowers brands to grow, by enabling them to understand and make meaningful connections with their audiences at every step of the customer journey — creating easier, clearer, more rewarding experiences.

With Ortto you can:

  • Unify your customer data - use no-code integrations to unlock data from marketing, finance, support, sales, and product into a single customer profile.

  • Target the right people - use powerful segmentation to target audiences based on any combination of demographic, firmographic, behavioral, event-based and transactional data.

  • Send the right message at the right time - connect with your audiences across the entire customer journey with hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences. It’s intelligent automation that feels human.

  • Analyze - empower your whole team to make data-driven decisions with insightful visual analytics and reports, while custom dashboards keep your team on target.

When you integrate Ortto with Zendesk, you’ll be able to:

  • See a single view of your customer. Combine all business tech stack data from all departments in a single customer profile, including marketing, sales, support, product and financial data.

  • Understand engagement. See how engaged your customers are by using engagement scores. You’ll be able to define a custom engagement model that aligns with your business goals.

  • Take action when there is a change in engagement. Trigger automated re-engagement messages when a user engagement drops below a level you’d like to see. If engagement lifts, you can connect with customers automatically to ask for reviews.

  • Create custom activities. Track important behaviours and automate follow up actions, report on them or utilise these in your engagement model.

  • Understand how your CS interactions impact customer retention, expansion, repeat business, churn and revenue. Report across multiple objects in the CDP. You’ll be able to see if a support interaction leads to higher sales or increased adoption.

  • Use this data to personalise your marketing interactions and target your highest value audiences.

  • Create journeys to automate repetitive tasks. Set up Slack notifications, or send emails when a ticket is created, status changes, or a priority is updated.

  • Gather feedback. Implement pop ups for CSAT or NPS, trigger emails to alert your team when a response is received. Floor up on negative feedback, ask for an online review if the feedback is positive.

  • Create dashboards and reports using all the data from Zendesk and the CDP combined to track performance and report the impact of support to your business outcomes.

With this integration Ortto will create a Zendesk schema in your CDP. You will see your customer data, assignee and requester information alongside fields such as ticket id, status, priority, type, satisfaction and more.

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