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The most important resource that a business has are its employees. Highly engaged and motivated employees produce better results: They serve customers more effectively, make more sales and initiate more calls. But, how do you make sure your team stays motivated to consistently perform at their best? That’s where Plecto comes in.

Plecto is a team motivation software that allows users to stream Zendesk data on dashboards that display across any device, computer or TV screen. With leaderboards, contests and "win" notifications, Plecto will transform your team into motivated high performers fueled by friendly competition!

Plecto’s functionality begins with the dashboards, allowing users to visually represent Zendesk data in real time. Dashboards can be customized with a growing number of widgets. Add an area line graph that compares current successes to previous months; include a leaderboard that ranks team members on, say, the number of closed tickets; or, visualize progress towards a quarterly goal.

Advanced recognition features keep your team stimulated to maximize productivity. Users can automate dashboards to play sounds and display “win” notifications when good things happen. The dashboard can ding, ring or buzz and show a custom message about the recent support star! Team members can also be rewarded with achievement badges for meeting milestones.

Plecto creates an engaging work environment where teams adopt a play-to-win attitude. Pricing starts at $7 per active user per month. Users are billed per month (not annually), and there is no minimum commitment. Try Plecto free for 14-days!

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