Collect card payments directly from your Zendesk tickets

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What PayPlug does for you

Issue a payment request directly from Zendesk or link a payment issued via PayPlug from your other tools (PayPlug's back office, your CMS/ERP) to a Zendesk ticket.

Issue a payment request from the comfort of Zendesk:

  • Step 1 : generate a payment link using the 'Create' button
  • Step 2 : paste it in your Zendesk ticket
  • Step 3 : when clicking on the link, your client is redirected to a safe payment page. He enters his card payment details. Hourray, the payment is complete!

Link a PayPlug payment to a Zendesk ticket:

  • Step 1 : Search for a payment linkg using it's unique ID
  • Step 2 : Add the payment to your ticket
  • Step 3 : you can now keep a record of the payments linked to the Zendesk ticket !

Monitor your sales from Zendesk...or your PayPlug portal

  • Refresh the ticket page to see the payments status changes
  • Find out why a payment failed or is cancelled in your PayPlug portal
  • Download your accounting exports in a few clicks from your PayPlug portal.

Smile: it is all safe

  • PayPlug is a registered payment agent
  • PayPlug has been PCI DSS certified since 2015 (highest level of security standards)
  • PayPlug is PSD2 compliant (The Revised Payment Services Directive). As a reminder, the objective of this europeen directive is to reinforce security online.

The PayPlug team is located in Paris and will be happy to assist you in your preferred language (French, English, Italian).

About PayPlug

PayPlug is a French omnichannel payment solution dedicated to merchants. It allows you to accept credit card payments both online and in-store.

  • 13 000 merchants trust PayPlug for their payments
  • 800 partners recommend us daily

PayPlug offers several plans to suit your needs and business requirements. No set-up fees and no commitment; you can change your offer whenever you want. More details:

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