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Streamline your localization workflow and easily send articles and dynamic content between Transifex and Zendesk by seamlessly connecting the two platforms. Integrating Transifex with Zendesk you can:

  • Select articles, categories, sections and dynamic content to sync with Transifex from your selected Zendesk brand.

  • Choose when to automatically send translated content back to Zendesk, with a one-off selection, no further action required from your side.

  • Add more content from Zendesk and sync it with Transifex as your Help Center expands.

  • Have better control over dynamic content and its translations, by splitting long macros into multiple sentences.

  • Have translation edits and fixes automatically reflected back to your Help Center.

  • Provide the translation team with more information on how articles and the category and sections they belong to, relate to each other.

Managing your Help Center localization over Transifex can give you additional benefits including:

  • Localizing your Help Center using a rich online editor tailored for translations, selecting a translation agency to do the work, or connecting with a machine translation service to get your content translated.

  • Leveraging translated articles and content to speed up translation work on untranslated content.

  • Building a glossary for terms and their proper translations that fit your market and have all translated content respect those terms.

  • Creating a global content repository with all the translations you can use for your application or website

Ready to get started? Head over to the Transifex website to start a trial. From there, you’ll be able to connect your Zendesk Help Center with a specific project and start translating!

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