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Introduce videos in your support process.

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Integrate your Zendesk account with StoryXpress to enable exceptional customer support for your customers.

What can you do with StoryXpress Zendesk Support App?

By integrating the two platforms, you can directly access your video library and video inbox within Zendesk Support Tickets and request recordings from and share videos with your customers. Videos will help you engage customers, solve queries faster, and amplify growth.

How does the app work? Our app is built to help you communicate more effectively with your customers through videos. Press "Request a Recording" on the Home Screen. Select the video reply folder you want your user's recording to be saved in. Once everything is in place, you can request for a recording instantly. Press "Share Video" on the Home Screen. Select the video you want to share. Once everything is in place, you can share the video instantly.

Click on "Install" to get started. :D

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