Playvox App

Add QA, performance management, coaching/learning & agent motivation to Zendesk.

Extend the capabilities of Zendesk with the Playvox agent optimization suite that provides quality assurance, performance management, coaching, learning and agent motivation tools, seamlessly integrated into Zendesk. With Playvox and Zendesk, you will empower agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers with the tools and real-time intelligence needed to radically improve your customer service and revenue generation capabilities like never before.

The Playvox app for Zendesk enables you to centralize and manage your QA operations within Zendesk.

  • Filter your most important support tickets and chats
  • Instantly uncover customer service issues
  • Start new quality assurance evaluations from your Zendesk ticket dashboard
  • Provide agents with real-time performance feedback based on specific customer interactions in their evaluation results
  • Generate reports based on evaluation results

The Playvox app for Zendesk enables you to see ticket updates as well as access detailed customer interaction evaluations. Work within a dedicated Playvox window inside the Zendesk Support app.

Access more detailed information and reports in the full Playvox app with a single click. The Playvox app allows bidirectional syncing so you keep all relevant data updated in Zendesk and Playvox, allowing agents to track their performance for:

  • Number of evaluations
  • Overall QA score
  • Number of errors
  • Percentage of records signed.

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BROWSERSTACK: “Playvox has been a game-changer for us ever since we onboarded it as a QA tool for support interactions almost two years ago,” said Prasun Choudhury, Director Global Customer Support & InfoSec Support at BrowserStack. “Quality” forms the basis of everything we do. Our 98% CSAT is a testimony.”

PLESK: “The integration with Zendesk has reduced our QA process time, as Playvox allows us to create specific filters and to easily evaluate interactions based on those filters,” said Alexey Krasnichenko, Quality Assurance Manager for Plesk.

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