Alterra Help Center Search

Improve your self-service rate with AI-powered help center search

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Alterra Help Center Search

Improve your self-service rate with AI-powered help center search

Alterra Help Center Search is a cognitive search engine that significantly improves the accuracy of your Help Center search.

Alterra Help Center Search employs Deep Learning-based NLP to interpret user search queries based on their meaning - not just keywords. With Alterra, your customers can find the information they need by describing their problems in plain English, even without using exact keywords. By better understanding what customers are searching for, Alterra helps you deflect 4x more tickets than the native Help Center search.

With natural language understanding, unparalleled 90% accuracy, seamless sync with your Zendesk Guide, and comprehensive analytics, Alterra is the industry-leading search solution that can help you create a flawless self-service experience.


  • Improve self-service experience by helping customers to quickly find the information they need

  • Reduce the number of support tickets and calls to your call center by improving your self-service rate

  • Lower your support costs by helping customers help themselves, without engaging your live agents

How it works:

It only takes a few minutes to replace the default Help Center search with Alterra. Once installed, Alterra app will pull information directly from your Zendesk Guide and display search results in your existing Help Center.

Daily sync with your Zendesk Guide ensures that you always have an up-to-date search. The app improves search accuracy while preserving the look and feel of your Help Center, so you can create a better customer experience within a familiar user interface.

To build a more robust support experience, consider complementing your Help Center search with Alterra Answers, an AI assistant that can instantly resolve up to 20% of your support tickets by finding answers in your Zendesk Guide.

Start your free 30-day trial today or schedule a demo.

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