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Reveal new insights from your Customer Service data for better decision making

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A new breed of customer service analytics. Empowering managers to make data-driven decisions, faster.

Data analysis is absolutely necessary, but it’s complex and time-consuming. Insights frees you up from this by giving you answers to sophisticated questions in minutes - without involving your data science or business intelligence team(s).

How it works

Prefer to watch a 30-second video?

Insights is an eternally-available virtual data scientist for all of customer service to use at a fraction of the cost. It goes through your goldmine of Zendesk data and presents it in a series of dashboards - each like a self-solving Rubik’s Cube - so you can break it down by any dimension to find new ways to optimize your processes, operations and performance.

  • No onboarding required thanks to its intuitive design.
  • No need to build dashboards - ‘click and play’ interface.
  • Suggests smart insights based on your data that are ready to be ‘consumed’.
  • Metrics not available elsewhere: sentiment scores, tier-specific metrics etc.
  • Macro performance analytics (CSAT, NPS, Handling Times, First Contact Resolution %)
  • Identifies private macros and reports on them
  • Fair agent performance with an AI-powered Smart Benchmark.

What our customers are saying

“The whole flow is really ‘click and play’, there's no rocket science in using it. I didn’t have a Miuros onboarding, I just spent my first day clicking everything! I quickly found out what to do and where to find what I needed”. - Swapfiets (Case Study)

“The #1 reason why we decided to work with Miuros is the instant access and visibility it gives us over data, thus the time it saves our team every month”. - Focusrite

Hungry for more? Use Miuros Review as your all-in-one quality and feedback loop solution to build better customer experiences.

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