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Custom dashboards, reporting & scorecards for a real-time view of all your data

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BrightGauge gives you the ability to create real-time dashboards, customized client reporting, automated KPI reporting, and interactive scorecards from Zendesk and all your other data sources. No more logging in and out, toggling windows or juggling multiple platforms; BrightGauge eliminates the data silo to save you precious time and energy.

  • Easy to setup/minimal end user involvement
  • Templates available for dashboards, reports, and gauges
  • No servers, licenses, or contracts required
  • All gauges and metrics offer drill-down capabilities (so you can see what’s driving your visuals)\u2028

Dashboards With a BrightGauge dashboard, it’s easy to view your key service metrics in real-time, alongside all your other data, for a complete view of your business. When you prioritize the need for monitoring your data in real-time, and leverage the resulting transparency, you can quickly determine what needs to be managed. For your team, real-time dashboards ensure that everyone is on the same page at any given time. Used in the client prospecting process, metrics displayed on a dashboard are also an impressive way to to show that you have a handle on your business and your team.

Reporting When it comes to showing your clients the value of the services you provide, there’s no better solution than a regular Executive Report, sent right to their inbox. By setting up a BrightGauge automated report, keep those ticket resolutions and response times at the top of their mind, and stay ahead of any questions about why your bill is the price it is. Used internally, BrightGauge reports let you easily share your key service metrics with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page, and reduce or even eliminate some of those team meetings!

Scorecards Assigning a KPI to each of your team members and having them own the results will not only revolutionize the way you see your business, but more importantly will transform how each team member feels about their role and contribution. Keep each team member aligned and working towards the same big-picture goals by tracking their progress on a BrightGauge scorecard.

Managing your data is easy with our over-the-top Support and dedicated Customer Success team. BrightGauge integrates with QuickBooks, Customer Thermometer, IT Glue, Harvest, Xero, Dropbox, Continuum, RMM data sources, and many more.

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