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SalesSeek is natively integrated Sales and Marketing software that gives teams and management complete visibility over their business.

The SalesSeek - Zendesk integration extends full team reach by giving full visibility over customer and prospect support conversations, directly in-app. This enables more meaningful exchanges, creating happier leads, and quicker sales conversions.

The entire team can engage with prospects with context to relationships. The right insights into what your leads are interested in, their issues and relationship to date are key to success. Win deals and delight customers with more intelligence and clarity.

Key Features

  • Get started effortlessly - The first time the integration runs, it will fetch every ticket you have in Zendesk.
  • Auto-Contact Creation - When a ticket is created in Zendesk, we check if this contact already exists in your SalesSeek account. If the contact does not exist it will be created automatically!
  • Always in sync - For each Organisation, if it isn’t in SalesSeek it will be created, adding a Zendesk link, keeping the two in sync.
  • Everything at your fingertips - Each ticket will be pushed into SalesSeek as an activity note showing the last part of the conversation, status, assignee and a link to that ticket in Zendesk, for quick and easy replying.
  • Regular updates - The integration runs every hour, updating any contact, organization or ticket details so your team is up-to-date.

If you’re not already a SalesSeek user, you can start a free trial at

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