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Get answers, translate, summarize and more with ChatGPT for Zendesk

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Introducing ChatGPT | Ask Me Anything for Zendesk Sell: your ultimate support agent sidekick!

Our app seamlessly integrates OpenAI's powerful language model, ChatGPT, with your favorite support platform, Zendesk.

With Ask Me Anything, support agents can now handle customer queries more efficiently and effectively than ever before. This app empowers agents with AI-driven insights, suggestions, and knowledge, providing a streamlined and personalized support experience for both agents and customers.


  • Summarize this support ticket in less than 250 characters: [TEXT]
  • What is the sentiment and frutration score of this support ticket? [TEXT]
  • Extract any email, telephone number or price from: [TEXT]
  • Translate from English to French: [TEXT]
  • Act as a customer service agent. Create a reply for the customer: [TEXT]

Key Features:

  • No OpenAI account required: Enable your support agents to chat live with ChatGPT without creating an account with OpenAI. No external subscription is required for the app to work.

  • Instant Assistance: ChatGPT offers real-time suggestions and prompts to help support agents craft accurate and engaging responses. It acts as a virtual co-pilot, adding an extra layer of expertise to every interaction.

  • Faster Ticket Resolution: By leveraging ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities, agents can quickly analyze and categorize incoming tickets, prioritizing urgent cases and minimizing queue times.

  • Multilingual Support and Translation: Break language barriers and extend your support to global customers. ChatGPT supports multiple languages, ensuring that your agents can provide assistance in any preferred language.

Agent Training Tool: Empower your agents to learn and grow with ChatGPT. They can use the app to ask questions about the customer's company, seek guidance about technical terms, check for potential typos and expand their knowledge base for enhanced professional development.

Ask Me Anything is currently limited to 350 messages per month. Contact to request an increase.

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350 Edition

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Includes up to 350 messages per month.

1200 Edition

$45.00 per month

Includes up to 1200 messages per month. It may take up to 24hrs for the increase to apply. Please contact if you still see no change after that period.

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