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Integrations – Document Management and Advanced Reporting

Last updated March 23, 2012

It’s about that time of the month when we roll out a few exciting new integrations. This month’s batch helps you wrangle your widespread document inventory and provides some additional analytic options for you data hounds. Check ’em out!

edocr centralizes your documents in one location to give you a quick and easy way to publish, distribute, collaborate on, and track your ever-growing library of documentation. Tired of having to update links on your site after you change a document? Make a change to a published document in edocr and updates are pushed out to wherever your documents may be located—even outside your site—making it quick and easy to update your documents with the latest information. Track and see who’s viewing your documents and the number of hits to see how popular a particular document is. Allow people viewing the documents to easily distribute or link via social media and rate your documents. edocr provides a robust solution to help you better manage your documents and makes the content easily distributable within your own company and to those viewing the documents.

Using edocr with Zendesk helps to enrich your Zendesk experience by giving you quick access to your documentation library via a widget and allows you to easily embed documents into your Zendesk forums or in tickets with a quick drag and drop interface. With edocr, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to update links to a document or having outdated information presented to your customers.

eazyBI is an simple business-intelligence Web application that allows you to quickly and easily create reports from a myriad of products that eazyBI connects with. eazyBI’s drag and drop interface makes it incredibly simple to create easy-to-read graphs and charts that you can then publish and share within your company. Need to massage the data you are capturing into other reporting formats? eazyBI also allows for you to perform powerful calculations (using the MDX query language) to manipulate or combine standard data points into custom data that you can utilize in your reports.

The eazyBI for Zendesk integration will import Zendesk all ticket data (both standard fields and custom fields) and forums topics and comments data. Once imported, several pre-defined reports are available for your use or you can easily create any additional custom reports, charts and dashboards to your own liking. Need to drill down further into the reports you are seeing? Not a problem. eazyBI lets you quickly and easily drill down into any charts you’ve built to go from a macro view–global response time–to a micro view, such as response time by group. You can then dig down deeper to see breakdowns across how long each ticket took to close.