Integrating and automating Zendesk with all your external systems

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Customers expect you to know what’s going on with them. Whether it’s understanding the status of an IoT device or every product they’ve purchased from you in the past.

Increasingly, we’re asking support agents to swivel between multiple systems just to get the information they need to service your customers. With the Zendesk platform, your agents can have a complete view of your customers all in one place. Whether it’s using API-led integrations, our new AWS Events Connector, or a Partner integration, we’ll explore the patterns that make it easier to connect your systems and improve agent productivity.

Join Zendesk partners Domo and Workato, and learn how you can take the next steps to finally get an actionable and complete view of the customer.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:
● How to break down data silos and create a single view of your customer
● Supercharging the agent and customer experience with connected data, personalization, and proactive support
● Bridging the gap between systems with Zendesk partners to create state based triggers as well as multi-system integration and automation

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Bandar El-Eita, Director of Platform Marketing

Bandar El-Eita is a Director of Product Marketing for the Zendesk Platform. His team works to spread the word about integrating into the platform, supercharging Zendesk with Sunshine, and empowering customers to seamlessly connect and understand all their customer data.

Jayesh Shah, VP of Customer Success, Workato

Jayesh has over 25 years of experience delivering market-leading products and services in enterprise and consumer domains. He has served in various leadership roles at TIBCO, BEA, Oracle, Teradici as well as a number of startups. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, business development, product management, product development, global support and professional services with both large enterprises as well as startups.

Carolynn Daskalakis, Head of Customer Strategy and Programs, Domo

Carolynn Daskalakis is focused on providing customers with value and understanding their needs. At Domo, she spent time leading the Enterprise Customer Success team, and as Global Director of Customer Advocacy, stood up a voice of customer program with a focus on understanding customer sentiment and using data to inform customer strategy.