Zendesk의 새 소식: 2020년 8월 – 아시아 태평양

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 @ 2:30pm AEST/ 12:30pm SGT/ 10:00am IST


Much has changed over these past few months, but our top priority is still you. We’ve worked to develop new and improved ways to help you easily manage your support operations, connect with your customers, or enable your team, no matter their location.

We’re eager to share the latest and greatest launches and updates so that you can continue to support your customers through today’s rapidly evolving landscape. We’ll cover the entire product portfolio, including Support, Sales, Platform, Analytics & AI, and Marketplace, as well as some deep-dive demos available on-demand.

Join us for our Q3 What’s New Webinar on August 25th. We will have the round up of all the exciting news and, as always, our product experts ready to answer all of your questions!

By registering below, you’ll get access to all 4 sessions on August 25th, including:

● Q3 What’s New Live – Everything you need to know to get up to speed
● What’s What: Stay connected in real-time with social messaging- Demoing how Zendesk can help you quickly adapt your CX based on evolving business and customer needs. Available on-demand, after What’s New.
● What’s What: Supply the right tools to work from anywhere – Demoing ways to boost collaboration, empower remote agents, and provide better insights into customers and their needs. Available on-demand, after What’s New.
● What’s What: Operate and scale through rapid change – Demoing ways to remain agile and execute quickly to address emerging challenges across the business. Available on-demand, after What’s New.

If you’re unable to attend, register anyway and we’ll make sure the on-demand recording gets to your inbox.

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Jon Aniano

SVP Product, CRM Applications

Amy Lin

Product Marketing Manager

Emily Vince

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Paul Lalonde

Senior Product Marketing Associate

Hannah Bastian

Product Marketing Manager

Julie Yee

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Andrew Forbes

Senior Product Marketing Manager