Zendesk의 새 소식: 2019년 12월 – 유럽

Available On-Demand


We’ve pulled out all the stops and are closing out the year with a must-see, special video edition of our What’s New webinar on our latest and greatest features that’ll scale your support operations and deliver an exceptional support experience to your customers.

Join us Thursday, Dec 12th to learn about our newest updates across our entire product portfolio.

In this 60-minute session, we’ll cover new features that:

● Enable customers to connect and collaborate with our newest product, Gather
● Give better visibility into your team’s operations with the omni-channel, Real-time Dashboard
● Increase your team’s productivity with the unified Agent Workspace
● Build interactive messaging experiences with Sunshine Conversations
● Extend the power of your CRM with new Sell marketplace apps

Be sure to save your seat today to get your chance to ask questions, provide feedback, and learn directly from our product experts.

Can’t attend the live viewing but don’t want to miss out on this insider’s opportunity? Register anyway, and we’ll be sure the on-demand recording gets to your inbox.

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