Expert Insights: Vital Tips To Boost Employees’ Efficiency and Wellbeing



In these unpredictable times, learn why employee wellbeing matters more than ever, and how you can boost your team’s efficiency and engagement with tech.

With remote work challenging how organisations maintain productivity, what are the new rules? How can you ensure that teams stay engaged, even at a distance?

These are the questions that our panel of successful executives will be exploring in our webinar. Join power players from Telstra, Estuate and Zendesk in a lively discussion, as we explore employee wellbeing in a post-crisis world.

We’ll discuss:

  • How technology can help you forge tighter internal communities (and improve remote working conditions)
  • How culture and communication are changing in a digital-only environment
  • Solutions to empower better ways of working, like self-service
  • Strategies that companies have adopted to boost productivity at scale

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Melissa Dorey

Digital Experience Principal, Telstra

Kieran Jacobsen

Head of Information Technology, Telstra Purple

Marc Hebert

Chief Operating Officer, Estuate

Matt Daley

Director of Finance Optimisation, Zendesk

Manoj Nama

Customer Success, Zendesk

Thanks for registering! Check your inbox for an email with webinar information.