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Top help desk software should offer a few things. Amazing ticket management. Customer service software that improves customer relationships. An in-depth knowledge base. And customer support that is geared towards the users of the help desk. Oh, and one other thing: It should be seamlessly extendable for every other software you use. Meaning not only do they play nice with each other but the talk to each other too.

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In a new report, Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center 2017, Gartner examines the global market for customer service and support applications. The report notes that by 2019 “... over 85% of new packaged customer service and support software will be delivered on a cloud-based model, and SaaS will emerge as an essential selection factor for CRM customer engagement centers.”

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In its analysis of service providers in the space, Zendesk is once again in the report’s Leader quadrant:

  • Improving customer relationships. Zendesk added several products during 2016 and expanded the functionality of others. Notable features include Zendesk Talk, with the support of text in SMS, as well as the Channel framework to integrate YouTube video into the customer support experience, and the mobile web widget to add chat to the agent and customer experience.
  • Amazing ticket management. Zendesk offers an intuitive user interface. The system is simple to set up, and its responsive design allows for deployment on websites, on mobile apps and in CECs.
  • Geared toward the help desk. The addition of analytics, satisfaction prediction and advanced voice capabilities, better testing and diagnostic tools, and security monitoring and reporting features has improved Zendesk's product.
  • Create an in-depth knowledge base. SaaS architecture enables Zendesk's product to be deployed in most of the world's key markets. Zendesk has a good presence in Western Europe and the U.S. It also has offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore

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The Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center report is available for complimentary download for a limited time.