Technical documentation authoring tools

Most customers try to resolve a problem themselves before getting in touch. Today's technical documentation authoring tools enable you to see the journey of your customer through web pages, help center articles, and community posts before they get to you. This enables you to create a ticket for a user with better documentation, therefore resolving technical difficulties faster and easier.

With Zendesk Support, you can create a trigger that will automatically assign tickets to that specialized group or agent whenever customers write in from that particular channel. This removes the manual work and potential errors from agents passing tickets around.

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고객 요청 유형별로 고유한 양식을 사용하여 각 고객 문의를 자동으로 적합한 곳으로 라우팅할 수 있게 됩니다. 또한 상담원은 고객의 특정 문제에 관련된 추가적인 세부 정보를 파악하고 있으므로 상담원과 고객 모두의 시간을 절약할 수 있습니다.

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Zendesk Support is:

  • Multichannel: Seriously. Email, social, chat, talk, text
  • Multilingual: Localized support content in over 40 languages can be dynamically applied everywhere – automations, macros, triggers, and knowledge base articles
  • Multibrand: Unique help centers, support channels, and business rules for multiple brands, regions, or products managed within a single help desk