Remote helpdesk software

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Great support and a consistent brand experience shouldn’t stop when customers connect with businesses on the go.

Zendesk's remote helpdesk software helps companies meet customers–and their expectations–whether they’re online, in line, or just waking up.

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Zendesk Support is a help desk. It's remote support. It's ticket management. Go ahead call it help desk software but don't try to tie it down. It's free range after all. And, it connects you to your users wherever they roam on whichever channel they love. All of this, wrapped up in a beautifully simple package that makes everyone go.....awe! (Save the bow.)

알고 계셨나요?

Zendesk Message와 본래부터 제공되는 SMS 채널로 새로 부상하는 채널에서 지원하고 소통할 수 있는 길을 열어줍니다.

  • 새로운 채널에서 고객과 소통하여 지원 차별화
  • 고객이 이미 사용하는 채널에서 고객과 만나 공감대 형성
  • SMS에서 더 빠른 응답률을 기록하며 신속하게 문제 해결