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In customer service, a ticketing system takes incoming customer requests for support and generates an automated customer service ticket. The growing number of different channels customers now use—email, chat, Twitter, mobile—can make it difficult to give customers consistent service. With a free ticketing system different channels may not "speak" to each other, so it is possible for two separate agents to respond without either one realizing the customer has been helped.

Zendesk Support is a ticketing system that resembles a shared inbox for all inquiries and questions. Upgrade your free ticketing system and be the company your customers want you to be.

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Whatever channel your customer uses to contact the organization, the support agent is always provided with a ticket. Zendesk Support makes it much easier for the agent to solve the user's concern and create a more satisfying experience for both customer and management.

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A ticketing system from Zendesk Support offers customers the ability to contact your help desk via their preferred channel, while ensuring support agents a setup where they have access to contextual data and previous support requests—all within one highly organized software system.

What can a ticket system can do?
  • Allow support teams to streamline customer inquiries in a single ticket, within an organized workflow. Quicker resolutions for happier customers
  • Enables the collection of data used to manage and improve a company's support team
  • Provides a full audit trail for tracking every conversation from start to finish, even across multiple channels and agents

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Zendesk doesn't have a free ticketing system. But after you try Zendesk Support's help desk software, you'll see just how it makes you a hero to customers.

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