Getting started with Zendesk Explore—your guide to customer analytics

Our guide to getting started with Zendesk Explore will help you set up and make the most of your customer analytics within Zendesk, including tips for:

  • Key concepts and best practices when getting started
  • The features that come out of the box: pre-built dashboards, the query builder, and the dashboard builder
  • How you can customize Explore to fit your needs
  • How you can share your finding from Explore with your organization

Customer interactions are producing more information than ever, providing businesses with greater insights into who their customers are, how their customers use specific products and services, and how their customers seek help. Understanding these details from both a bird’s-eye view and deep-dive perspectives can help drive a high value initiative: providing customers with a better customer experience.

Building those better experiences begins with how your organization approaches analysis. It means knowing what needs to be measured and how those measurements constitute success. It involves figuring out how information should be shared and how it’s presented to different stakeholders. Improving customer experiences means ongoing analysis, so your analysis has to be designed to scale with your organization’s growth.

Zendesk Explore is an analytics product that helps businesses measure and improve the entire customer experience. Explore ties together data from every Zendesk channel, to give customer experience leaders a complete view of how customers interact with their business.

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Looking for more technical details? Check out the help articles for getting started with Zendesk Explore.

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