Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2019

Using digital twins allows you to better prepare for upcoming challenges and new environments, while also keeping an eye on how your business analyzes data and uses AI.

Gartner defines digital twins to be "digital representations of people, processes and things,” meaning digital twins’ link to the real world has the potential for real time monitoring and control, which allows for organizations to better track and evaluate “what if” situations.

Use digital twins to track the progress and successes of different business models, then take it even further by collecting data from multiple digital twins to build a more complete picture of how your processes and plans are shaping up. Using digital twins allows you to better understand the successes and problems within your business, as well as how you should be responding to necessary changes and improving operations.

Gartner, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019: Digital Twins, David Cearley, Brian Burke, Alfonso Velosa, Marc Kerremans, 13 March 2019

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