Gartner: Why You Need To Rethink Your Customer Self-Service Strategy

Regardless of the industry, businesses everywhere are investing in customer self-service options to improve the customer service experience. In fact, according to a March 2015 report from Gartner, two-thirds of customer service interactions will not require the support of a human intermediary by the year 2017. As more and more businesses embrace self-service, research is beginning to show what works and what doesn’t for ensuring customer self-service satisfaction.

In the report, Why You Need To Rethink Your Customer Self-Service Strategy*, Gartner reveals its findings on how a strong self-service strategy can reduce operational costs, drive personalized customer experiences, and increase engagement. Among the many insights about self-service, you’ll learn why:

  • A customer self-service strategy should be part of a larger, holistic strategy
  • Self-service capabilities should be cross-channel
  • Information across all self-service engagements should be consistent and relevant
  • Self-service should take into account customer data insights for proactive support
  • Mobile self-service should be considered in any customer self-service strategy

Take your self-service strategy to the next level with a complimentary copy of the Gartner report Why You Need To Rethink Your Customer Self-Service Strategy.

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*Gartner, Why You Need to Rethink Your Customer Self-Service Strategy, B. Manusama, 17 March 2015