Minsk, Belarus
As a Zendesk partner, we provide an omnichannel solution for companies enabling them to communicate with their customers in all messaging apps and social networks directly in Zendesk Support. We help companies modernize their customer support and meet SLA requirements. Keeping in mind innovation in this area we shift paradigm in customer support.

There has been a growing trend in customer communication via messaging apps and social networks on the market, and Blinger helps companies conquer the trend and go truly omnichannel.

Our core competence is customer support and we strive to help companies improve all parameters in their customer support equation.

We’ve been working with many companies from medium to enterprise level and gathered a lot of expertise in the area of customer support, which is reflected in Blinger solution. We’ve attracted interest from many industries from forex brokers, banks and travel, to airlines e-Commerce and online services, and the interest toward our omnichannel solution has been growing tremendously, and has not been limited to the industries mentioned above.

We always keep in mind the goals of our clients and modern trends in customer support and outline them in user-friendly frameworks used in our solution. This way, we stay on top of the market.

Zendesk Support and Blinger create a groundbreaking collaboration which will bring your customer support to the next level.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to make a difference with your customer support practice.

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