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Open Source Portal Software

Open source portal software

Hosted software, or open source?

It may seem like a daunting task to create a customer portal that allows users to check the status of support requests, track content, and review updates to knowledge bases and community contributions. It's particularly daunting when you have to build on open source code to do it. Your IT team could spend ages doing just that. Fortunately, Zendesk Guide provides a hosted customer portal that allows users to do all of that from a single location. You're welcome, IT teams.

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Zendesk Guide, which features a hub for customers looking to manage support requests and contributions to a community or knowledge base, makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for. And as agents benefit from the ability to search through previous tickets and interactions, they're able to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Guide's customer portal meets user needs with:
  • Information gathering - give agents the context necessary to resolve requests by choosing which fields customers complete
  • Transparency - supports shared organization to allow members to view one another's requests
  • A fully customizable portal - providing a seamless experience between your website and help center

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Configuring sign-in's and end user access is nothing new here at Zendesk. Let us help you launch your customer portal. Find out more about how Zendesk Guide provides the platform for customer satisfaction and agent success. Sign up for a free trial of Guide today — there's no need to seek open source portal software.

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