Customer service data analysis

The data is in the details

Companies without customer analytics data have a more difficult time understanding their customer’s needs and the business that comes with them.

Zendesk Explore provides customer service data analysis to assist companies in measuring and understanding the entire customer experience. Building better customer relationships works more effectively when it’s driven by data. You get immediate access to the customer analytics with Zendesk Explore, and a deeper understanding of what your customers need and want from you.

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Customers reach out to companies for different reasons like researching your website, testing your products, or when they are experiencing a problem. Zendesk Explore helps you bring this data together across every Zendesk products, so you can understand and improve your customer’s experience.

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Prescriptive dashboards from Zendesk Explore showcase the data analyses that matters most for customer experiences. This software shows what your customers ask for most with easy-to-use and interactive drill-in surface insights. This enables anyone to create custom metrics, dashboards, reports, and data joins, all without SQL.

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Zendesk Explore allows you to share analyses and dashboards with your entire enterprise, partners, or clients; working together to improve the customer experience. Reports can be delivered directly to your inbox for everyone to review.

Why use Zendesk Explore?

  • More efficient teamwork builds better customer relationships with data that tells a story
  • Learn how your customers use your products, website, and support channels
  • Find out which customers are satisfied and which customers need extra attention

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With Zendesk Explore, customer service data analysis can be at your fingertips and ready to use without hours of time-consuming research.