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Interactive Dashboard Software

Interactive dashboard software

Deploy intuitive and interactive dashboard software
A picture is worth a thousand words. So...a spreadsheet is worth...? Interactive dashboards bring bright visualizations to the old black and white grids of just a few short years ago—providing insights, interactions, and business intelligence that is definitely worth a thousand words.

Zendesk has taken the dashboard one step farther. We combine the capability to follow your customer through their entire journey AND link this information back to your service and support team. Not only can your business leaders dig in to analyze company performance, run reports, and share them with the entire enterprise. Your support teams can follow a customer's journey to help provide support faster and more effectively.

Powerful analysis to the people

Zendesk Explore provides analytics to measure and understand the entire customer experience. Prescriptive dashboards from Zendesk Explore showcase the analyses that matter most for team operations and customer experience. The easy-to-use interface and interactive drill-ins surface valuable insights that our own customers ask for most.

And they said there's no I in the word team


귀사의 웹사이트를 조사할 때, 제품을 시험할 때, 또는 어떤 문제를 겪을 때 등 고객이 귀사에 연락하는 이유는 아주 다양합니다. Zendesk Explore를 사용하여 고객이 수행하는 전체 활동의 모든 단계와 모든 Zendesk 제품에 걸쳐 데이터를 취합하여 고객을 보다 잘 이해하고 고객에게 더 나은 경험을 제공하세요.


Zendesk Explore를 사용하면 누구든 사용자 지정 메트릭, 보고서, 대시보드를 만들 수 있으며 SQL 없이 데이터 조인을 수행할 수도 있습니다. 포인트 앤 클릭 기능과 시각화 스타일로 데이터가 의미 있는 분석 자료로 탈바꿈합니다.


Zendesk Explore lets you easily share analyses and dashboards with your entire organization, partners, or customers, so everyone can work together to improve the customer experience. You can also get reports delivered right to your inbox, or even alerts in your Slack channel (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Wanna see for yourself? Join us and take Explore for a spin around the block.