Agile high growth

Zendesk로 최고의 고객 경험 제공

Zendesk helps businesses deliver world-class customer experiences while reducing operational costs and improving agility.

Meet the changing demands of customers and optimize costs with Zendesk.

Meeting these demands requires agility in customer experience delivery. Agility helps businesses adapt faster to changing customer expectations, keep up with evolving and multiplying internal systems and respond to competitive pressures.

Less code, more convention, and faster time to value

Increase agility by taking control of system management and see faster time to value when implementing Zendesk or making ongoing changes.

Zendesk로 최고의 고객 경험 제공

Fewer administrative resources and higher ROI

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding the need to hire multiple full-time, specially trained admin and developer resources.

Fair, transparent, and predictable pricing for your business

Save money on license costs and get the pricing transparency and cost certainty you want.

Forrester TEI 보고서에서 Zendesk의 ROI 조사

Forrester는 Zendesk 고객 서비스 제품군의 비용 및 이익을 정확히 파악했습니다.

Shaadi uses Zendesk to help singles find love

For more than two decades, Shaadi.com has pursued a singular vision: helping millions of singles find the right connections

We saw a greater ROI in Zendesk versus the other options. We did a cost analysis and showed how we were going to save money and increase productivity with Zendesk

Stephanie Dorman

Senior Vice President of Client Services, Mediaocean

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