In-App Support

In-app support

Helping customers through in-app support

In-app support, like Zendesk Embeddables, allows your help desk to exist anywhere your customers are -- on their mobile devices, your website, or standalone smart devices. Now your customer can interact with your agents in a native environment, making your customer service a seamless experience.

What does in-app support look like?

In-app support is made possible thanks to a combination of Zendesk API, Web Widgets, and Mobile SDKs. All that means is that your customers will be able to click on an icon in-app that allows them to access your FAQs, submit feedback, or open a ticket.

On the company’s end, your help desk is able to interact seamlessly with the customer across platforms, to convert the conversation to a different platform (like phone or email), and to bounce the inquiry to an agent better able to solve it. In-app support is part of Zendesk’s broader analytics and reporting capabilities, which track and analyze ticket resolutions to find bugs and problems best addressed by a self-help resource.

What to look for with in-app support

Because in-app support is in and of your product, it helps you maintain brand consistency while reducing customer friction. What should you look for in in-app support software? A top in-app support platform will be:
  • Native -- Coded for each of the two major mobile platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Intuitive -- Easy for you to build and integrate into your brand experience
  • Customizable -- Adjustable to maintain brand consistency and customer experience
  • Contextual -- Able to gather custom information that can inform your tickets

다음 단계

Want even more of a customized experience? Zendesk provides documentation for advanced customization of in-app support experience, so your developers can build from scratch the native support you need. Whatever your level of customization, in-app help gives your customers the support they need when they need it.

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