Dreams uses Zendesk Support's analytics and CSAT ratings to provide better customer support

In this customer video, Dreams, Britain’s leading bed specialist, leans on Zendesk Support's analytics and CSAT ratings to provide better customer support.

"We managed to drive our contacts down to our lowest point ever, and we we couldn't have done that without Zendesk to give us that insight."

- Julian O’Hare

Customer Service Controller at Dreams

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Dreams, Britain’s leading bed specialist, follows two guiding philosophies. The first is to put the customer at the forefront of everything they do. The second is to be an excellent bed retailer. These two credos go hand in hand, and have been driving the company forward for over 25 years.

Julian O’Hare, Customer Service Controller, Dreams Beds, is responsible for selecting the platforms that enable this philosophy across the company. O’Hare was introduced to Zendesk Support by the web manager at Dreams during a peak season. At the time, O’Hare needed a tool that could deploy quickly to meet the high volume of incoming service requests. Support, he shared, “was able react very quickly in line with that.” His team was happy with the product as well. “They really liked it. They found it easy to use, and could pick it up pretty much straight away,” O’Hare said.

Now that Zendesk Support is up and running, Dreams is able to use customer satisfaction (CSAT) data to make improvements within their customer service team. “The CSAT score has been great. I’ve been able to get individual satisfaction ratings for agents, and that forms a key part of their one-to-ones,” said O’Hare. “We’ll look at what the customers have said about their service and then the advisor can work with them on improving that.”

Support’s analytics have also been a time-saver. “I really like on Monday morning instead of spending two hours putting together various stats for a meeting, I can get up a bit later, press a couple of buttons, and Zendesk has done half of it for me. That makes my life and my wife’s life a bit easier.”