Customer Retention Software

Customer retention software

Marketing and retention software to make the right connection

Customer retention can be complex. On top of that, it's far from a perfect world. Combine these two facts and it's easy to see how customer retention can quickly become messy, tricky, and downright frustrating – leaving everyone involved feeling unhinged. Create more meaningful conversations by putting your customer in its place – front and center.

Conversations work best when you catch people at the right moment. With Zendesk Connect, you can design an in-product message campaign to fit the context, or an email campaign to re-engage customers.

Moving forward

Trigger campaigns based on segments, drop a line to VIPs, or send a one-off campaign to your whole list. Your customer retention software should be beautifully simple not another roadblock to improving existing customer loyalty.
  • Zendesk 제품군 전반에서 고객 데이터를 수집하세요. 이벤트와 대화의 타임라인으로 더욱 의미 있고 완벽한 정보를 파악하세요.
  • Create segments of customers based on behavior or profile. Then identify trends and trigger targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right customers
  • 더욱 돈독한 관계를 유지하도록 하세요. 문제를 미리 파악하여 고객이 도움이 필요하다는 것을 알기도 전에 미리 지원을 제공하세요.
  • Define custom audiences based on behaviors, actions, and attributes to reach out to customers in ways that actually mean something to them.

Speedy results

Get straight to what matters most – improved customer service, more meaningful conversations, and increased customer retention.

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