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Customer intelligence platform

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It isn’t always necessary to wait for a customer to reach out with a problem; customer intelligence platform enables you to reach out, at the right moment, and capture undivided attention. Proactive messaging can be used to get ahead of issues and engage and support customers at any point in their journey. Causing them to fall in love. That's where Zendesk Connect swoops in.

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Proactive messaging is a great way to send a little love in a way that makes someone feel special. Inform, educate, or support—before they even realize they need help. It allows you to anticipate and act on customer needs, helping to pre-empt issues, deflect tickets, and build trust with customers.

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Connect, part of the Zendesk product family, serves as a great complement to the Support product. You can use Support when your customers want to reach out to you, and Connect when you want to reach out to your customers, providing them with proactive support through in-product messaging.

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Happily ever after:
  • Offer live training sessions to help new customers get familiar with the product and make the most out of it
  • Reach target customers in a timely manner while they are using the product, and inform them of relevant events that are intended to improve their experience
  • Send a proactive heads-up was intended to help inform customers, mitigate their concerns, and decrease the need to reach out to support, resulting in fewer tickets that we would have needed to respond to

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Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family. We're working together to make customer intelligence platforms better with proactive messaging.

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