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Get 25% off Zendesk*

Here's the deal Limited time offer

Here's the deal Limited time offer

The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk. Our customer service and engagement products are powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business.

Act fast and get 25% off Zendesk* until Friday, November 29.

  • Our platform is designed to grow and scale, so it works for companies of any size—from startup to enterprise.
  • Improve agent efficiency and ensure customer conversations flow seamlessly across channels.
  • With Zendesk, you get industry benchmark data, customer intelligence and better context for every interaction.

Get early access to the Black Friday offer that ends November 29th

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*Terms and Conditions

25% off Zendesk*

  • - The discount can only be redeemed by contacting our sales team and is subject to any additional terms and conditions contained in the service agreement signed with us
  • - Promo valid for new customers only in North American and European countries
  • - Promo excludes Suite, Duet, Temporary Agents, all Professional Services packages, Trainings and Talk minutes
  • - Minimum purchase of five (5) total agents for Support, Chat, and/or Talk (can all be one product or across several) to be eligible for the offering
  • - Discount only applies to the first thirty (30) agents purchased; any additional agents will be sold at listed price
  • - Contract must be for a minimum term of at least one year with a quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing frequency
  • - Discount is only applicable for the first billing period regardless of contract term
  • - Discount applied to initial purchase only; discount will not carry over upon renewal or be applied to additional agent purchases
  • - Purchases must be completed by November 29, 2019, 11:59pm U.S. Pacific Standard Time

  • *This promotion may be subject to further terms and conditions which can be made available upon request.

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