A new source of customer feedback: Google Play and Zendesk

By Anthony Okumura

Published May 18, 2016
Last modified May 18, 2016

Customers define which channels are important to them and it’s up to brands to meet customers where they are. With the rise of social media, brands have seen the growth of customer engagement on Facebook and Twitter, and now, customers are reaching out on platforms not traditionally known for customer support. One of those is Google Play, one of the largest and liveliest app marketplaces. “When it comes to customer service, we don’t decide the channels—our customers do,” said Nic Bryson, director of customer support at Wrike. “We recognize that reviews on Google Play are one of the important ways our customers interact with us, and it’s our goal to meet our customers wherever they are.”

Google Play

With more than a billion apps and games servicing users across 190 countries, Google Play is a massive channel for customer engagement. Reviews of apps and games give the end user a voice and provide prospects with insight into that app, making it an engaging channel. However, these reviews aren’t always related to positive and negative experiences. Users also express actual support issues. Developers are able to reply to these reviews in the Google Play Developer Console but support teams don’t have visibility or access to connect with customers in the tool.

Introducing Google Play Reviews—a bridge for this communication gap. With the Zendesk integration, reviews in Google Play can automatically create tickets in Zendesk, giving support teams visibility into Google Play, and allowing for easier customer conversations. “As an app, reviews are a main forum for customer feedback, and it’s important that we’re engaged and listening,” said Jack Randall from Robinhood. “With Zendesk’s Google Play integration, app reviews become conversations and opportunities to create awesome experiences for our customers”. Putting these customer relationships front and center radically changes an organization’s ability to build trust and evangelism.

How does it work?

  • Install the integration directly from the Zendesk Apps Marketplace
  • Reviews left in Google Play create tickets in your Zendesk instance
  • Agents can prioritize which tickets to work on based on the severity of the review or other information found in the ticket
  • Leverage views, macros, and triggers to increase agent efficiency
  • Create custom reports to measure metrics such as response time, resolved tickets, and improvement in star ratings

Zendesk’s Google Play Reviews integration is available to Zendesk customers at no additional cost and is simple to implement. For more details, check out the Google Play Reviews app in our apps marketplace.