You Asked, We Listened: New Metrics and Dashboards With GoodData for Zendesk

March 15, 2011

At Zendesk, we believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. The quality of support that Zendesk provides to each customer is a critical means of measuring the success of our business. When GoodData for Zendesk launched eight months ago, we wanted to provide our customers with a turnkey ability to consume and analyze the support data already available to them. GoodData’s pre-built Zendesk template showcases more than 25 out-of-the-box reports and dashboards; measuring the support your team provides through Zendesk has never been easier.

Answering the “why” of your support performance

Over the past few months, we analyzed feedback from the hundreds of Plus+ customers who now track their support metrics on a daily basis using GoodData dashboards. Two themes emerged:

Support teams want to understand the details of their support life cycle.

Specifically, they want to understand:

Service levels
How long are customers waiting before they receive an initial reply from a support agent?
How much time do they spend waiting for a response throughout the duration of their support ticket?
What is the average time it takes to solve a support ticket?

How many tickets are solved with a single reply?
How many solved tickets are eventually reopened? If so, how many times?

Support teams are not a 24/7 business. Metrics should reflect this.
These teams want to distill their support metrics to accurately reflect the support their team provides within business hours.

We worked closely with the GoodData team to empower our customers with greater visualization of their support life cycle. The result? A redesigned GoodData for Zendesk template which highlights nine new support metrics, each allowing support teams to drill into their support activity with greater insight and take action on findings revealed by these analytics.

Let’s examine each of these metrics and explore how they can improve a support team’s ability to measure its business.

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