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Welcome to Zendesk’s engineering blog

Last updated October 13, 2010

When we launched Zendesk three years ago, Ruby on Rails deployment was weird science, Ferret was hot, and BackgrounDRb was the tool of choice for running background jobs. Thankfully, that’s all in the past and long forgotten.

Things have changed so much and for the better. Building an application has never been easier than today — the frameworks, tools, libraries, and services available are incredibly impressive, and the open source eco-systems we rely on are thriving. We’re very excited about the current trends in our technology space and cannot wait to put it all to good use.

Sometimes we regret not having been better at sharing stories about some of the evolutions we’ve seen and the challenges we’ve engineered our way through over the past few years. We would like to begin sharing some of our stories going forward. Stories about operations, building out Zendesk, web application development, technical challenges and their solutions, and about interesting engineering concepts in a SaaS world.

That’s what Zengineering is for. Welcome aboard.