Tip of the week: Best practices for altering your custom ticket fields

By Rebecca Schmidt

Published June 21, 2016
Last modified June 21, 2016

When using custom ticket fields, there are different actions available. Each of these actions affect tickets and the API differently.

This support tip will discuss the results of performing the following actions:

  • Deactivating custom ticket fields
  • Any data lost from the deactivated field can be recovered again by reactivating. After reactivating, the custom field will be available in the ticket view of the agent interface again.

  • Deleting custom ticket fields
  • If you delete a custom ticket field, you will not be able to recreate or recover the field or its data. If you would like to preserve the field data, it is recommended to deactivate the field instead.

  • Creating new custom ticket fields
  • For information on creating new custom fields see, Adding custom ticket fields to your tickets.

  • Alerting drop-down field options
  • Drop-down fields display the same behavior as other custom ticket fields in tickets, Insights, and the API. However, drop-down field options can be changed and edited.

    It is important to note drop-down field options are directly connected to their assigned tag. For example in the image below, the option 'red' is connected to the tag 'color_red'.

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