Tip of the week: follow-the-sun

Published July 23, 2013
Last modified July 23, 2013

Now that you’ve thought about your setup and read through our previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2), you’re probably wondering about ways to configure your Zendesk to support your version of the follow-the-sun support model.

Lucky for you we have more on that topic here!

One thing to mention upfront is that it’s hard to provide an exact setup for everyone. We can’t tell you what’s right for your team without knowing the particulars of your situation. Hopefully though, by going through some of the main features of Zendesk and discussing them in the context of follow-the-sun principles, you’ll be able to approach your Zendesk with more ideas.

In this article we discuss these topics in detail:

1. Using Zendesk features to follow the sun

2. How Zendesk follows the sun

3. A customer example

Ready to learn more? Head on over to the forums and read the article