Real questions, real answers for shoppers and consignors

Real questions, real answers for shoppers and consignors

2015년 7월 9일
Real questions, real answers for shoppers and consignors

We love to hear stories about the ways that Zendesk helps our customers accomplish their goals. It’s inspiring to see the creativity behind each implementation, and to hear more about the philosophies and experience that drive great customer service.

The RealReal is an online, luxury consignment store for the discerning shopper. The company prides itself on being the leader in authenticated online consignment shopping. They go to great effort to make sure they re-sell the real deal when it comes to high-end clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and art.

“It’s so important for us to be authentic, we put ‘real’ in our name twice,” founder and CEO, Julie Wainwright says in a video on the website. The online store boasts designer labels such as Louis Vuitton and Prada, generally turning over items within 72 hours of receiving them from consignors.

Support breakdown
The RealReal is a member of a growing pack of web-based businesses that support two distinct groups—in this case, the shoppers and the consignors. These two groups each have distinct questions and support needs. Customers buying from the website often have questions about shipping and returns whereas customers looking to consign items on the website mainly want pricing and turn-over information. The RealReal has dealt with this issue by creating two support teams focused in on each type of client.

Today, The RealReal uses Zendesk for online and phone support for shoppers, consignors and their own internal IT team. “With Zendesk Talk, the queue monitor let us see how many calls were waiting and the status of each agent,” says Stan Gabriszeski, the company’s director of customer and consignor care. The company also loves email and social media support so they can support their customers quickly.

Supporting Authenticity
It’s important for The RealReal to be…well, real. Each item featured on their website has gone through a stringent authentication process. Furthermore, each product must be individually inspected, cataloged, photographed, posted online, and shipped to the buyer.
The company works hard to treat their customers with as much care as they do their products.

The company started with Zendesk for their email support, which was “about 50% of the way that customers engaged with us,” according to Gabriszeski. In order to track what helped their customers the most, The RealReal set up customized reporting to better serve their clients.

“We built analytics to figure out what our issues really were with our customers,” said Stan. “We needed to know where we needed to focus, and where there were gaps for the customers.” Getting this information helped The RealReal to custom tailor their support experience to their buyers and consignors including major changes to their phone support system.

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