The right tools for the job: the customer support tool scorecard

Published June 6, 2013
Last modified June 6, 2013

Finding the best customer service tools is not always easy. Not only do you need something that works internally for your company, you have to find the tools that best meet the needs of your customers.

There are many factors to consider:

  • Does it have the features I need?
  • Is the tool easy to adopt and use? Is it flexible?
  • Does this tool integrate with my existing business applications?

The above questions are very important, but it’s easy to get caught up in things like feature lists and lose sight of some equally important factors:

  • What is the holistic experience of using this with other tools?
  • Will this company provide me with great service?
  • Is this a strategic partnership?

We’ve taken a look at many, many variables one might consider when looking for a customer support tool and have distilled them down into our customer support tool scorecard. This resource will help you sift through and evaluate the seemingly endless support tools by helping you focus on the basic feature set you need—like communication channels and admin management, but also think about other critical factors like the end-to-end customer experience and seamless collaboration among internal teams.

Choose the best customer support tools with this scorecard