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Thanks for Meeting Us Around the World

Last updated September 8, 2020

Zendesk Meetups Our series of Cloud Camp meet-ups down in Australia and New Zealand concluded yesterday and we’d like to thank all the great people who came to meet and greet with our Kiwi agent Justin. It’s always fun to meet folks face-to-face who are interested in Zendesk – both customers and new friends.

Up in the northern hemisphere we wrapped up winter with meet-ups in Paris, Vancouver BC, San Francisco, and Austin for SXSW. Great places, great people! Thanks again for those of you that came to chat and have a drink with us. For more photos, see our Flickr page.

We are looking forward to meeting more of you soon.

Take a look and see if we’ll be in your neighborhood soon.

Zendesk se reune nuevamente en Argentina! Invitamos a nuestros amigos y clientes a tomar algo y conocernos en Spell Cafe de Puerto Madero.

Check back later for details on San Antonio and Seattle.