Six new integrations for October

Published October 25, 2012
Last modified October 25, 2012

It’s that time again! October has brought us six brand new integrations to help improve your Zendesk experience:

Netop (LiveGuide)
Efficient call resolution is the key to a successful help desk. Netop Live Guide live chat makes it possible for you to improve first-call resolution rates, increase overall service efficiencies, and delight your internal and external support customers. Live Guide's Zendesk integration module allows you to communicate with customers, see case histories, create tickets and access end user computers within a single interface. You can also create Zendesk tickets automatically through offline chat forms when agents are not immediately available.

Hipmob is Live chat built specifically for your mobile apps. Give your iPhone, iPad, or Android app the ability to chat with your support team with just 1 line of code and give your users a faster way to communicate issues to you.  Easily create Zendesk tickets from your chat interactions and capture a history of what the customer has done on the site.  Build a more full and complete picture around your customers when you chat with them on their mobile devices!

The Inteliwise Virtual Agent is a web self - service software, that provides customers with instant, automated answers to the 30-50 % the most of their questions, without the need of involving a live support. Its seamless integration with Zendesk enables customers to submit tickets or support request immediately after the search or chat, whenever there's a need for extended support. It passes customers' contact information and comments directly to your Zendesk in a form of a ticket, adding history of conversation between the client and the Virtual Agent.

Klaviyo is a customer lifecycle management tool for targeting your customers based on what they have or haven't done. By pulling together your purchase, help desk, and mail data, Klaviyo gives you a complete view into your customers, and then lets you easily identify customers to target, schedule automated emails, and then measure the impact.
For example:

  • Automatically email new customers who open support tickets to check-in
  • Send customers who haven't bought in the last six months who don't have open tickets a discount

After targeting, Klaviyo will measure the impact of your outreach on purchases and site visits.

From Zendesk & Google Apps to dozens of other web apps, Meldium aggregates and monitors accounts across any web service and frees you from tedious account management.
Unlike IT management tools, it is designed for anyone to use. You don't need an Active Directory or an LDAP server. You can set it up in minutes, not months. Managers & administrators can easily onboard new people and monitor all accounts at a glance. Individuals can see, share and log into their apps from a simple central dashboard.

Feeds lives in your Mac's menu bar and lets you quickly view the content of new activity on your favorite websites and RSS feeds, without ever opening a browser window.  Easily see your Zendesk activity and be notified when tickets related to you are created or updated so you can stay on top of all of your support items.