Tip of the week: Use single sign-on (SSO) to customize end-user content

Published May 19, 2015
Last modified May 19, 2015

In support, and especially B2B support, it's fairly common to restrict specific content in your Knowledge Base and/or your contact form depending on who's currently connected to your Zendesk. For example, when supporting multiple companies, you don't want Company A to see Company B's Knowledge Base articles. Company C might be the only one allowed to see a specific ticket form. Or, perhaps, Company D would like a specific email template. Every company has different customizations and you need to stay on top of them all.

In this tip, I'll show you how you can easily automate a customization process using single sign-on (SS0).

We'll do this in 4 sections:

  • Setting up a JSON Web Token to enable single sign-On
  • Creating a restricted Knowledge Base
  • Customizing the Help Centre theme to hide/show ticket forms
  • Customizing the emails being sent to your end-users based on the organization

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