Seven More Zendesk Integrations to Make Life Easier

Published December 8, 2011
Last modified December 8, 2011

[Editor's note: Hop in our time machine, and see who Zendesk integrates with well beyond 2011...]

From our mobile apps to our constant stream of new features, we never stop thinking about how to make your life easier. One way we do this is by integrating with useful tools that help make you more efficient. Our Technical Accounts Manager Eric Shen is always hunting for apps to add to our more than 90 existing integrations, including Salesforce, JIRA, Twitter, and more. He recently found seven time-saving tools to add to our stable:


Our IT clients love using Zendesk to service internal customers, and SAManage is an integral piece of the asset-management puzzle. This integration helps your team solve tickets faster by pulling asset information directly into Zendesk.

SMS Gateways

We’re adding three SMS gateways to our list of providers to help you send SMS updates to customers about ticket statuses. Which provider you use is up to you, and will depend largely on where you and your customers are located.

  • FireText
    FireText is the ultimate online SMS platform for sending and receiving instant SMS text messages with your customers. Sending SMS with FireText is easy and enjoyable - See how text support can improve your communication and really grow your business.
  • Neural Networks
    With Neural Networks' SMS Gateway you can reach out to your customers like never before using today's most commonly used method of communication - SMS. Founded in 2007, Neural Networks is one Australia's leading small business unified communications companies, supplying to some of Australia's most well recognised brands.
  • Nexmo
    Nexmo is wholesale SMS API that lets you send and receive high volume of text messages in every country. It uses a direct-to-carrier model that improves deliverability and reduce latency. With Nexmo, you get access to traffic analytics in real time, achieve scalability with a robust yet simple REST API and pay wholesale pricing from first SMS.


Looking to add a knowledge base to your Zendesk? HelpIQ is a seamless way to publish and manage new content in a dedicated library separate from user forums, and provides a widget that makes it searchable in Zendesk.


Finding the most efficient support channel is a difficult process, and technical services often need multiple channels to help guide users to the right solution. Verishow provides a host of options, including live chat, videoconferencing, screen sharing, document collaboration/sharing, whiteboards and more to help you get your point across.


MyDock is a well-designed application that provides shopping, approving and provisioning functionality for IT software, hardware and services. The integration allows you to route the approval workflow through Zendesk or create follow up task tickets to track the progress of a MyDock order without constantly switching systems.

Find out more about these and other time-saving tools on our integrations page.