Playing well with others: 7 new integrations

Playing well with others: 7 new integrations

May 28, 2013
Playing well with others: 7 new integrations

Zendesk works even better when other business apps you use all the time are integrated with it. That’s the beauty of the Zendesk Apps marketplace, where you can find dozens of apps pre-integrated with Zendesk.

Here are our newest integrations, including apps for sales, project management, self-service, identity management, and more.

Joining the ranks of our CRM integrations is amoCRM, a simple, lightweight tool to help manage your sales funnel. With the Zendesk integration, you can easily view Zendesk tickets in amoCRM and pull information from amoCRM into your Zendesk application to help streamline both your support and sales processes.

YouTrack is an agile, keyboard-centric issue and project tracker designed to help your team plan workflows and sprints. The integration allows you to use Zendesk ticket sharing to escalate a support issue into an issue in YouTrack and sync comments and data between the two so both your support and development teams are in the loop.

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management and billing solution for online businesses. Modulesgarden has created two great Zendesk options for WHMCS: a free app for previewing customer details, products, domains, and due invoices directly in Zendesk, and a full-blown Zendesk-powered replacement support module directly in WHMCS that is available for purchase.

Yonyx provides author-guided, interactive self service to help your customers find information through a series of guided tutorials that are developed by your team. If customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they can open a Zendesk ticket, which automatically includes a log of the content they searched for and the answers they provided to give you insight to what content you need to generate.

Quandora is a question and answer tool to help your customers share knowledge in a simple and straightforward way. With the Quandora app for Zendesk, you can easily access your content in Quandora to see if a question posed to your support team has been answered before and use that information in your reply back to the customer.

Indentacor is an identity management tool that allows easily provisioning, deprovisioning, and single sign on into all the cloud apps you use. You can set up Identacor as your identity manager for Zendesk and the rest of your cloud apps so your employees only have to log into one tool to access all the services they need to get their work done.

SupportMenu is brought to you by Robot Cloud. With SupportMenu, you can add a handy app to your Mac toolbar and link your Zendesk account to SupportMenu. Once linked, your end users can easily view their ticket status directly from the Mac toolbar as well as submit new tickets to your IT help desk.

…and Zendesk
In addition to great apps from our partners, we also have new tools from the Zendesk team:
Five most recent tickets
Show related tickets
Sidebar search
Linked ticket app
User data app

Zendesk apps are available during your trial. If you’’re not already a customer, try Zendesk for free!

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