Trick out your Zendesk: 6 new integrations

Trick out your Zendesk: 6 new integrations

2013년 7월 9일
Trick out your Zendesk: 6 new integrations

The only thing more powerful than Zendesk is a Zendesk super-charged with other related business apps. The newest integrations in the Zendesk Apps marketplace include apps for social media, analytics, SMS, project management, and more.

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Built by Zendesk’s own apps team, Answer Suggestion helps agents quickly and easily find relevant answers to their tickets. The app suggests related articles from your knowledge base or forums, and agents can click to quickly add article links to their responses.

Cyfe is a dashboard app built to give you real-time insights into your Zendesk. Create dashboards that you can easily share within your company to show KPIs such as number of tickets created, number of tickets solved, and more.

IQBuzz is a leading social media monitoring tool in Russia that monitors data from all your social channels in one place. With the new Zendesk integration, you can push any conversation from IQBuzz into a Zendesk ticket.

Based out of Australia and providing service in both Australia and the U.S., BurstSMS facilitates two-way SMS support via Zendesk. Set up your Zendesk notifications to send alerts via SMS and allow customers to reply via SMS and update support tickets directly from their mobile phones.

Zeppelin brings a new way to view analytics from various business applications in a meaningful and simple way. See activities from relevant applications and roll them up into reports, all in a concise view to help you stay on top of your business.

BugHerd is a project management and bug tracking tool that makes it ridiculously easy to find and share issues and problems with your website with your dev team. If an issue is something for your support staff, you can seamlessly send it from BugHerd directly to Zendesk.

Zendesk apps are available during your free trial. If you’’re not already a customer, try Zendesk for free!

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