Mobile Apps Need Support Too

Published February 11, 2010
Last updated February 11, 2010

Do you like it when the app on your Nexus One or iPhone continuously crashes, or has an annoying bug, but there is no way to report the issue or send feedback to the company behind it from the device? Of course not. So why do most mobile app developers fail to offer customers a way to contact support -- directly from the app?

Autopark iphone app features zendesk help desk integration

Zendesk makes it easy to embed a support form in your mobile app with our Android and iPhone SDKs. Just ask iPhone developer Ramin Firoozye of Frolicware. He added Zendesk to his AutoPark iPhone app in an hour.

Why not just add an "email us" support option? Because email is limited. Adding a Zendesk form allows you to pull in valuable data and append it to the ticket, such as device make and model, OS, and app version number.

“For me, adding a support option was a must-have," Ramin said. "You have to make it easy for customers to contact you or they won’t be your customers for very long."

Ramin's popular AutoPark app reminds drivers where they've parked and how long they have left on those pesky meters before they get a ticket. The app also helps users find nearby services like gas stations and lets people easily share parking info and tips with others via email.?

Meet Ramin, a few Zendeskians, and a whole lot of Zendesks Lovers at the Zendesk Macword Meetup today at 5pm at the Thirsty Bear brewpub at 661 Howard Street in San Francisco -- a stone's throw from the Macworld convention. Please RSVP via EventBrite.